Patel Strap Industries

Pneumatic Strapping Tool

We offer higlhy effiicent Pneumatic Strapping Tool in hte market. The Pneumatic Strapping Tool is compact, easy to use and versatile to be used in medium and heavy duty industrial applications. It is available in two strap sizes:16mm(5/8â) and 19mm(3/4â). On request can be provided for 13mm(1/2â) strap size with clutch system. The clutch system allows adjustment of the strap tension and is also available, on request, for the other sizes.

  • Ergonomic
  • Modern design
  • Compact and light
  • New bosch welding motor
  • Insert both straps together
  • Easy to remove the tool 

  • Heavy duty Cutter : The heavy duty cutter consists of stationery cutter and moving cutter. Designed for strap that has 0.5 - 1.2 mm of thickness.
  • Friction Cutter : Optional friction cutter unit can be used for light â weight gauge polyester strap that has 0.5 - 0.7 mm of thickness.

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Model No. M.J. Mills

These Pneumatic Strapping Machines are designed for neutral packaging. Widely used in companies which exports iron, textile, household, electrical appliance, stone material and chemical fiber, the Pneumatic Strapping Machine finishes the soldering of PET tape at high speed. Known for high performance, precisely engineered design, high strapping


Model No. AQD 19

This tool is a friction weld type sealer. Over lapped thermoplastic band is sealed by heat .That is produced by friction movement. So called friction weld .This machine is suitable for welding and cutting of strap.


Model No. XQD 19

This is suitable for PET strap . In this machine has three system Tensioning, welding and, cutting finish at one time, easy to operate. Strong tension power, greater than 2800N and suitable for metallurgy, iron and steel, building materials industries