Patel Strap Industries

Model No. AQD 19

Price : INR 18,000.00

This tool is a friction weld type sealer. Over lapped thermoplastic band is sealed by heat .That is produced by friction movement. So called friction weld .This machine is suitable for welding and cutting of strap.

Technical Data

Strap Quality


Joint Type

Friction weld seal

Package Type

Flat / Round Surface

Strap Width


Strap Tickness

0.5mm up to 1.27mm

Max Tension

only for welding stapping tool

Air Pressure

From 5.0 up to 7.0 bar max / 72-100 PSI

Air Consumption

14 l/s welding /29 cuft/min


around 2.0 kgs / 4.04 lbs